Two Former Googlers Launched Free Mobile-based Travel Guides, Triposo

A new mobile-used travel guide has been launched by two former Googlers, Douwe Osinga and Jon Tirsen. The two genius guys called the device Triposo. With financial support from Google Maps Lead Engineer and Google Wave Co Founder Lars Rasmussen, InterWest Partners, Taher Haveliwala and Crhis Sacca, the device can be a difficult competitor of TripAdvisor and other wed-based travel guide.

Triposo recommends the best place to visit by photos geoteagged with time stamps. Osinga stated, “One of the things we use intensively for our ranking algorithms are photographs”

“We have a collection of a few million travel photos geotagged — with time stamps. How many pictures are taken at a place, at what time, on what day: That all helps us decide how important a location is,” he added.
Triposo has raised $525,000 from the investors. With this significant financial supports, the company will work harder to make the perfect device for travelers who need recommendations and suggestions regarding the destinations condition.

They said to that the capital would be used to continue optimizing the algorithm, work is in progress to be the best possible device to help the travelers to answer the following answer: where am I suppose to go after this trip?

The sources of the data used by Triposo are all coming from the internet. Travel guides are produced by the use of algorithm. They use free content from a number of different sources including Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Openstreetmap and World66.

The company said they will do their utmost to make the content relevant for the customers. They said they will “mix and mash and annotate – and we distill great, relevant travel guides out of it”.

Until now, Triposo has provided more than 50 distinct travel guides for Android. They cover all main destinations in the world. It also owns a world guide and 30 travel guides for iPad and iPhone.

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