5 Ways to Enhance Hotel Business Using Foursquare

The development of social media technology is definitely outstanding, especially after the new millennium era. Hoteliers can take advantage of the development to contribute to the business they run. Besides Facebook and Twitter, hoteliers can have their eyes on the Foursquare, one of location-based services (LBS). So how to use Foursquare to enhance hotel business? Here are the 5 ways.

1. Merge your positions

It is often found that numerous same profiles exist on each service of LBS. Hoteliers have to manage the locations by doing this:
– Reporting the multiple duplicate position of a support forum from Foursquare called Get Satisfaction.
– Edit Venue feature by flagging the Venue as having a misleading address, duplicate or closed.

2. Create a profile page for business

Start from August 2011, we can make a profile page on Foursquare by ourselves. Hoteliers can promote their hotels easily through their Foursquare profile pages.

3. Offer giveaway for those who participate

There are many ways to keep the customers stay loyal, one of them is offering meaningful benefits. Hoteliers could do the same way in this Foursquare business-related strategy. For example this one that happened in the U.K. when the Radisson Edwardian hotel allowed the guests to stay longer in the room if they used Facebook or Foursquare to check in online while staying in the property.

4. Keep an eye on the tips and activity

Many users often check in via Foursquare with an addition of simple tips and activities following the check in notification. Hoteliers can see the tips as a feedback from the customers. Customers also often complained online through social media sites. A team of supervisors has to be formed to monitor the activities. ReviewPro could be useful in this case.

5. Allow the customers to have custom-made city experiences

This action has been carried out by the Ritz Carlton Hotel Group (http://www.ritzcarlton.com). The group has started offering local advice via Foursquare. It is given by the concierge team in a hope that the customers could live the life of Ritz Carlton characters every time they traveled to some city.

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