Pegasus: Leisure Hotel Rates Raised 8.3 Percent

The report commissioned by Pegasus Solutions Inc. showed that there was a big development in the hotel rates and reservations in 2011. According to the data, the rates of leisure hotel increased 8.3 percent during the last year.

Pegasus Solutions ( is an organization that provides services of electronic commerce and transaction processing to the hotel industry across the world. Their report that was released on January 24 said during December 2011hotel market around the world enjoyed the increases of the 2010’s average daily rates paid by customers.

The rates of leisure hotel in North America grew 6.3 percent. On June, the rates even reached +6.5 percent. Meanwhile, the market beyond North America got a great leap 7.5 percent from December 2010. The corporate rates are in North America grew 5.4 percent, and those on the outside of the territory only gained a 1.7 percent increase.

The CEO of Pegasus Solutions, Mike Kistner, explained that global bookings were great in December. However, compared to the gains in December 2010, there was a 4.6 percent decrease. But rates raised significantly either on global or regional levels, he said.

The reservations for leisure occasion in North American had a 5.7 percent decrease compared to the data in 2010. Perhaps, it was caused by the lack of the snow in the ski resorts destination.

The temperatures were also rather warm considering the winter season. In the meantime, the market beyond North America grew with a 3.3. percent increase on bookings. But the worldwide corporate bookings decreased 3.4 percent of the prior year, while in North America, the decrease was 4.5 percent. If the other markets were combined, the dropping levels were 2.7 percent.

The report published in The Pegasus View was collected from billions of transactions processed by Pegasus Solutions every month. It represents the information obtained from both ADS and GDS transactions. The number of hotels involved in the data are about 90,000 from all around the world.

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