How to Improve Hotel Business Significantly

How to Improve Hotel Business Significantly?


Today’s competitive environment requires us to be more than just an average person.


We have to work harder than ever if we want to be more successful in developing the Hotel business.

Here are tips to be the best person in the battlefield.

Best Practices

You may have already gained knowledge about this one. We can learn to get significant benefits by using the best practices properly. There are three things to remember when using best practices.
– Best practices are strongly connected only with performance. See them as ideas to get some solutions instead of merely answers to the problems.
– Among the numerous useful sources, pick press media, trade associations, fellow hoteliers, customers and suppliers information, and books.
– Be very careful before applying a practice. You have to grasp a thorough understanding before using it in your business.


Renewal process brings advancement. Pay attention to the 6 cornerstones of the refurbishing process below:
– Note how the process occurs, not how it should occur.
– Evaluation of the steps taken is really important
– If possible, don’t use estafet system because the error potential is high in this system.
– Prioritize error minimization instead of pace.
– Do not take steps sequentially. Steps parallelly.
– Lessen the processing time variance

Do not underestimate benchmarking

While it is largely forgotten in the process of improvement, benchmarking turns out to be a simple idea that can lead to a great accomplishment of hoteliers. The process of benchmarking concerns about grabbing the best ways to be the best by doing the best.
Here are 4 benchmarking types:
– Intercompany benchmarking: The analysis of key areas’ performance.
– Competitive company benchmarking: It is a process when you visit your competitors and analyze their practices.
– Similar company benchmarking: It is a process when you visit your fellow businessmen that run a business whether in the same field or just similar.
– Functional benchmarking: The process of analyzing a certain function of companies.


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