New Technology to Transform Travel Industry in the Future

The face of travel world will soon be transformed by the development of new technology and social change. There is a report that connects technology and travel namely “From chaos to collaboration” with subtitle “how trans-formative technologies will herald a new era in travel.”

So, are you ready to welcome the new age, the age of technology that will change the face of the world, even without the presence of Steven Jobs? The report published by The Futures Company that concerns about the partnership of travel and technology industry said that the customers would like to remove the stress, chaos and uncertainty feeling that is generally connected with the act of travelling in the era of 2000s. In the same time, they expect deeper, richer and also more personal experience in traveling.

The report was yielded from a research that involved many experts in technology, travel industry, futurists, and social trends from countries like the US, China, Brazil, Russia, UAE, Spain and the UK. There were 6 keys that they explored to analyze the possibility of the deployment of innovation and technology in the future:

1. The new traveling experience
Travel experience will be transformed by the presence of technologies like gamification and augmented reality (AR).

2. Automatic transit
The system of transiting in one place to get to the other place will be changed by new systems brought by advanced technologies like biometrics, chips, etc.

3. Pay with memory
A digital system created for the payments will be used in travel industry.

4. Intelligent suggestion
Travelers will have the chance to get a richer experience by examining the recommendations of other travelers that have posted reviews about some place based on their own experience.

5. Get rid of the stress
People tend to get stress when there is an unexpected occurrence happening when they are in the middle of a travel. Mobile-Health application could be the solution.

6. The business tourist
The rise of business tourist requires efficiency and speed. And it means advanced technology.”

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