Mobile and the Customer Experience

mobileBy now, it’s evident that every hotel that intends to have a successful online marketing plan should absolutely approach it from the proper perspective and should aspire to being available on mobile technology.

Think of a potential client, from the moment that you offer them different reservation modes, he or she will always choose the one that is the most practical and quickest, but above all the one that guarantees the best way to interact with a brand.

Thanks to modern devices, smartphones and tablets above all, today the customer experience has radically changed.  The way that modern users communicate with a business has evolved and is becoming faster and, above all, more viral.

A search carried out just a little bit of time ago identified which are the preferred user channels to interact with companies, and the data confirmed that, despite people being used to older forms of communication such as the telephone or writing an email, the majority make direct contract through the business’ website.

In this scenario, mobile technology has changed the habits of users—everyone who owns a modern device tend to be constantly informed and keep up with all of the products and services that interest them.

It stands to reason then that being aware of the main channels of communication that your clients prefer will increase the possibility of achieving your reference target.  If we think that, today, an estimated 50 million-plus users have access to the Internet via a mobile device, the conclusion is that it’s a piece of the market that absolutely can’t be taken lightly.

Today, you have the possibility of maintaining a dynamic direct communication with your clients at all times, at all places.  You should also have the awareness that these are also much more aware and active clients.

You know for sure that, from this enormous audience, the majority are interested in receiving various brand offers right on their smartphones.  Many of them want to be a part of a loyalty program that focuses on their likes and their needs.

All of this returned in the online travel world, reinforcing its value.  In fact, according to a study commissioned by Expedia and ComScore (an important web marketing and polling business), you can gather that, despite the majority of bookings being made via PC, the mobile channel is advancing and constantly growing.  From these people who choose to book a hotel by way of these channels, a factor that in heavily influences them is the accessibility of the site.

Therefore, the ease of a booking engine and the usability via smartphone are predominant elements that directly result in winning components in the process of gaining the loyalty of a client.

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