How to Make Sure Your Hotel is Secure

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Another important point hoteliers should keep in mind is security. Travelers always consider the security of a property or a neighborhood when deciding on a preferred hotel.

Even if hoteliers find that their hotel is in the middle of dangerous or criminal area, they can still offer their guests a safe environment and resolve the problem by using the right strategy.

As of the publication of this article, there is still no exact data showing violence and crimes that has happened inside hotels, but there is some information issued by the US Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistics which states that over 500,000 soft crimes have occurred inside hotels, including rape, robbery, and theft.

How can hoteliers maintain hotel security in the midst of these crimes while they are also concerned with their property’s security?

Experts on hotel security have some suggestions to share with hoteliers. They are:

  • Guidance or training

The best way people can help with hotel security is through guidance and training for those who are responsible for the security system inside the hotels. Anthony C. Roman, the CEO of Roman and Associates, which provides services for the management program of investigation, security, and risk, said that the entire hotel staff–not just those responsible for the property–should have the same training to protect the hotel and its guests, as well as to aid victims.

  • Technology

In this era, technology plays an important role in how well security can be maintained. So, it’s highly recommended that a company layer the technology as well as layer the rules when it comes to the hotel’s security system. Hotels should always put cameras in the hallways and by the doorways to all of the rooms in the hotel. Installing a panic button can be a brilliant idea too. Roman recommends that hotels use devices with a GPS system so when those buttons are pressed, the staff knows the exact location of the victim.

  • Empowerment

The last, and most important, thing hoteliers need to do is empowering all of the staff by telling them what is going on in the hotel–good or bad.  If something bad happens, follow up with the staff to keep them in the loop. Hoteliers should also encourage and motivate the staff, showing their support, so that they don’t hesitate to act in the heat of the moment.

Hotel safety isn’t just about protecting the hotels’ assets. The people coming in and out of the property also need to be looked out for.  And remember, security isn’t just for the guests’ sake, employees can also become crime victims while on the property.

Overall, a hotel’s reputation is based on the guidance afforded to the employees, guests, visitors, and the physical structure of the premises. Considering the fact that the number of crimes has increased over the years, hoteliers should strengthen their security techniques and methods to avoid the image of being vulnerable, which will affect the number of guests coming to the hotel. 

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