How to Optimize Google+ to Market Hotels

For any internet marketer and hotel marketing manager, Google has given countless facilities that allow them to develop their business. All the announcements made by the giant company always mean something to them. The announcement of the merging of Google’s recent social media site G+ into the integral Google search results surely made these people in general in dither.

Since the launch on June 28, 2011, Google+ only gained much attention during the first month after the launch. After that, internet users seemed ignorant and got back to their habitat and Google+’s “enemy,” Facebook. But do you know that the users who subscribed to Google+ have been more than 62 million today? In fact, the company targeted more than 250 million users will be subscribed to the site by the end of this year.

Compared to Facebook, Google+ is cleaner and more pristine. Users can have the benefits of using Google search and Gmail directly from the site, not to mention YouTube feature and other Google features. So, it offers many advantages for the users.

As for hoteliers who use internet to market their hotel, Google+ also acts the same if you know how to maximize the potential. If you already got Facebook and Twitter page, it’s time to create Google+ page. The next step after the page of your hotel has been created is to make it publicly heard. You can circle as much people as you can, but don’t get too much because you don’t want to be blocked by other people.

Post regularly

In this case, regularly posting articles or anything related to your business is completely different from the act of spamming. Make sure you share something important and that offer benefits for those who read it, events, hotel deals, special offers, special packages and more. Optimize keywords but make it natural unless people in your circle will notice and immediately block your post from their environment.

Avoid useless contents

Besides some posts related to your business, insert some interesting posts about your destinations, events, monuments and attractions, curiosities, photos or any other things that contain useful stuff. It is very likely that the people will also share the posts if they find them interesting and other people should know them, too. Remember, Google+ is pristine; you don’t want to make it “dirty.”

Upload photos correctly

Related to the SEO effort, every time you upload photos to your page, don’t forget to put keywords in the name of the photos, for example “hotel-abc-san-diego.” Google will find your photos more easily if you do it that way.


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