10 Hospitality Business Trends for 2012

The year of 2012 has come. Everyone comes up with new ideas, new resolutions, new hopes and new optimisms. And New Year also always comes with new trends. We are not discussing what color or what kind of clothes is the new trend for 2012, but we will talk about what the hospitality industry trends for 2012 are.

To help shapes the trends for hoteliers, Robert Rauch a.k.a. Hotel Guru and president of R.A. Rauch and Associates has pointed out a list that contains 10 trends related to hospitality industry for 2012.

1. Many hoteliers will refurbish the properties

In 2012, the market is predicted to be healthier than last year. More hoteliers will take advantage of the condition by renewing the appearance of the hotels that include the refurbishment of rooms, restaurants, gyms and lobbies.

2. Good news! Debt will decrease

Well, it’s not good news for everyone, particularly those who have strong sites in tough markets. However, there is optimism hanging around. Great deal is about to make.

3. More people book online

Even though the growth is not really that significant, it is projected that over 94 million people will use internet to book hotels in 2012. Internet technology and social media develop very rapidly. Make sure you are updated with those main weapons.

4. More research through internet

As mentioned earlier, more people will book online. It means more people will do some research before they eventually choose one hotel that suits them the most. It is supported by the development of tablets and smartphones technology, too.

5. Average rate and demand are increase in the markets, but the distribution is not equal

The main markets are really struggling in the recent great recession condition. Other markets below the level of main markets are even struggling harder than they could imagine.

6. Science will rule in the management stuff

Conventionally, hotel managers would lower the rate when the demand is also low, and raise the price during high season. With the existence of TravelClick and Smith Travel Research, they will get more into science when it comes to the pricing decision.

7. Pricing will be affected by the distribution channel management development

Those who stand behind hotel business have to stay on top of the distribution scope which is extending outside the OTAs (Online Travel Agents), no matter what. When it comes to the pre-decision of selling inventory, considering the distribute channels above everything.

8. Be ready for the development

You have to ensure yourself that you are ready for any given growth. More profits to come in 2012, don’t ruin the chance.

9. Internationally branded properties will fight each other

It is predicted that more brands will enter the battlefield to get the best deals in order to get the share or of the newly planned buildings.

10. Social media will not be gone with the wind

This year, social media will play more role in the hospitality business. Facebook has updated the features, while Google+ is ready to bring surprises to the internet users. Twitter is still tough on its throne.

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