Heavy Traffic to Travel Websites in Australia

In the PhoCusWright’s Australian Online Travel Traffic Report , PhoCus Wright (phocuswright.com), a travel industry research authority, in conjunction with ComScore (comscore.com), a worldwide digital intelligence provided, discovers that among several Internet categories, travel becomes one of Australia’s most popular categories.

Although China, Japan and India outnumber the continent in terms of the Internet user population, Australia has become one of few Asia Pacific’s potential online travel markets.

The report is talking about the traffic volume, progress, destination guides, airlines, hotels reviews, and more. It is quite complicated to plan the travel online. All of the people who want to plan their travel by taking advantage of the Internet usually will try to look for information about the traveler’s reviews, hotel sites and compare them to the other sites regarding the price, rooms, etc.

The report, that arrives with PhoCusWright Research Subscription: Asia Pacific Edition, also finds that the trend is developing very rapidly. According to the Australian Online Travel Traffic Report of PhoCus Wright, there is a growth in traffic to travel websites. The report states that there was a more than 30 per cent of growth this year, compared to the same time period in the previous year.

The senior director of research team at PhoCusWright, Douglas Quinby, said that the development of online travel category in Australia was faster than the growth of similar markets in North America. He also said that online travel was a mature internet category in the continent. As for the partnership with comScore, Mr. Douglas stated that the collaborative study with comScore became the first research to dig deeply about the online travel’s special dynamics in the continent, analyzing the way the people of Australia shop for travel throughout online travel agencies (OTA), supplier internet sites, destination reviews and guides, metasearch, etc.

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