Four Customer Service Mistakes That Could Result in Business Failure

In running a business, we have to be aware of some behaviors and attitudes that can potentially upset our customers. Customer service is really essential as today’s customers often do not bother to ask to meet with the manager. Instead, they would post the problems they encounter on Facebook or simply tweet it so everyone can see the problems. Once we know the problems, they have already spread in all over the web world.

There is no chance for us to correct the fault. So, we have to make sure that we are presenting the customer service treatment perfectly.

Here is the list of 4 customers mistakes that could result in business failure.

1. Inequality treatment

It is the basic thing about hospitality business. We have to establish standard procedures of customer service. Do not ever treat customers differently one to another. Even though the customers look insignificant, but we have to treat them as if we treat upper class or celebrity customers. Surely, we would do our utmost to treat the significant people well, right?

2. Making customers waiting

If we notice any customer is waiting to be served while we are busy with another customer, just immediately reach the customer and say something to make them comfortable while waiting, like “someone will be with you shortly.” Never leave our customers alone as if we do not know that they exist in front of us.

3. Company policy ignorance

We have to make sure that all of the employees know and understand the company policy. It is completely ridiculous if the employees know nothing or only know little about the company they work for. It is very important, considering that many customers often check the policy in the first place before deciding to purchase or to reserve.

4. Swearing to the customers

Sometimes we forgot that the customers are the main elements which highly contribute to our business development. Swearing to the customers is a really, really silly act. It is completely obvious that the customers would never come back to use our service or to buy our products again if we swear to them.

Even though we have a domestic or personal problem, we still have to do the customer service job professionally.



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