Hotels encouraging sustainable behaviors among guests, building staff, and visitors

Global warming becomes one of the most buzzing global issues in the past decades. Many people come to realize the danger of the rising of Earth’s average surface temperature.

Those who care about their enviroment promote green living ideas among the community.

One of the ideas about green living is to save energy as much as we can to sustain the life of the Earth. But how many people truly care about the world we live in?

Here is one case about energy saving attempt in hospitality and travel business. According to Gerrit Reinders of Telkonet who wrote an article on the Hospitality Professionals Blog , hotels in the U.S. spend about $4 billion every year on energy or around $2,200 per room available.

The expense is pretty big. Well, it is very important to deal with the energy saving attempt because we talk about our life sustainability. To be more precise, it is not about a personal life. It is about human being life. The best way to do it is to educate the guests who stay in the hotel.

W. Colby Reeves, Jr, one of USA Today’s Road Warriors, said he does not bother to implement green living ideas while staying in hotel rooms.

He stated that he doesn’t usually have a “green behaviour” while staying in a hotel. He rarely turned off the lights in the hotel rooms when leaving. He also sometimes left the TV on while sleeping.

But while he is in his own house, he always turns off the lights if he leaves the house as he’s motivated by the decrease of the amount of its bills.

Hugh Tousey, another Road Warrior, is more sensitive about global warming issue. He cares about environment, thus he always makes sure that all the electricity off when leaving rooms. So, how much do you care about energy saving?

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