Three Types of Tweets for Travel Marketers

hotels_on_twitterThere are all types of people and different ways in which they express themselves. Travel marketers are no different. Some of them are too salesy, while others are subtle. Some people like to work up a conversation, while there are those who prefer to keep within themselves. You will find the difference in their Twitter accounts as well.

There are three types of Tweets: promotion, conversation, and sharing. This is often referred to as “The Twitter Rule of Thirds.”

1. Promotion – Promote posts and articles to inform everybody about your business.
2. Sharing – Sharing content that is relevant to your business and audience.
3. Conversation – Sending tweets to people directly. Answering questions.

Each of the above should constitute 1/3rd of your activity, together making up 100% of your Twitter activity.

Twitter offers a very efficient way to send out messages for business promotion, but you should be doing much more than just those small press releases. Publish tweets on useful, informational articles relevant to your business and clientele. For instance, you can publish pictures to promote your summer special programs. Keep in mind that tweets should be published often in a day–keep posting every hour to make people notice. You can use applications like HootSuite to schedule your tweets so that you don’t have to be on Twitter all day.

Browse through other travel websites and twitter feeds.  You’ll be sure to find interesting and informative content that your audience will love. And you should share it–most people will love you for this–both your followers and the owners of the content.  They might even share your content to return the favor.  But use your best judgment–don’t share too many items. Just share once in a while and it should be fine. Sharing is a good thing, because you will also be connecting with influencers in this way.  Use Buffer to manage your sharing, and remember–don’t tweet all of your shares together, but rather spread them out over the day. It’s the smarter way to use Twitter.

Tweets are often much like conversations. You can make comments, answer questions, and interact directly with your clients. Too many or too few isn’t good–travel marketers must do it just right.  Travelers will often tweet when they are not happy with something, and it’s your job to respond and try to solve those issues. Try to keep it contained to just Twitter–it can be bad news for you if it spreads all over social media. You’ll need a crisis management plan if it does, so try to head it off by responding directly.

Use all three of the above – promotion, sharing, and conversation! It will just be social media if your tweets are just promotional. It will merely be advertising if you are not conversing.  You need to find the perfect balance.

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