Content Marketing and its Importance in Tourism

Content-Marketing-tourismVery often, you will be asked if you should and how much you should invest in Content Marketing, not having the certainty of how and how much this type of online marketing repays the investments made.  You will be bombarded with questions like: Will I have a return in terms of visibility?  Will it really change my Brand Reputation?

The answer is surely positive, and to confirm this, we start with the certainty that hotels always have something to promote, each item being a possible piece of content.  In a hostile and fierce market like that of online travel, content could be able to become the most powerful weapon hoteliers can have on hand.

But content marketing also calls for a tailored strategy that absolutely can’t be left to chance so that your content will be as effective as possible. Every single hotel or every single structure hides an enormous potential, and no one can rule out producing a constant flow of virtual content, the problem is that there’s no way to know how much is enough.

A fundamental key to having success is establishing your objectives.  First, put yourself in your potential clients’ shoes and try to understand what realistically will or won’t attract their attention—this approach should be the cornerstone on which you build your entire strategy.

You also need to be aware that the benefits of a targeted content marketing plan can’t compare to something haphazard.  Your marketing efforts should be constant and continuous—it’s the only way to gain trust with your clients—and you should enact a true and precise editorial plan that focuses on constancy and precision.


In order to have positive results, another key is having a multi-channel system, which will be rather helpful, utilizing your site to produce content as well as maintain various social media platforms, in order to embrace every type of interface.  Diversifying your strategy will guarantee a big return.

Remember, content marketing is thought of as service logic and content should always offer real benefits to your followers–having them understand what they can expect of you is crucial.  Then, depending on this, you can create your style, which will should always be recognizable.

Always try to consider the subjects about which your communications will speak, and see to it that these will be far from generalizations, instead cover a certain type of “one on one” communication (surely aiming at more people, but one that is divided up by interests).

There is another factor that you should absolutely maintain to help you understand how, for a hotel, an accurate content strategy will be decisive.  Today, OTAs, the other main protagonists of online travel, speaking of the giants of the sector, are investing enormous amounts of capital in older publicity methods like radio and television. Surely they can afford the extra spending, but we are certain that the motivation is also owed to the fact that they can’t ever have the same content that a hotel possesses. Hospitality businesses can brag about its enormous history or information tied to the location that no one else knows—they just have to tell the story in the proper manner.

Take advantage of the features that make your property unique and broadcast them to the world!


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