7 Ways to Deliver Good Customer Service

A good business is not that kind of company that makes huge profit once or twice, then sinking after one or two years.

A good business will last and make profit for long. One of the cornerstones to build a good business is good customer service.

Customers will keep coming back if you deliver the service with your heart. If they are back again and again, no need to worry about the longevity of your business.

But can you tell how to deliver good hotel customer service? It is great if you have known, but here are some simple tips that might be useful to add your how-to list.  Check them out:

1.  Answer the call
If you do not want to answer the phone, do not give your phone number. A call means there is a potential client coming up. If it is necessary, hire a certain staff to answer the phone.

2.  Fulfill the promise
If you promise something to your client, then it is your obligation to get it fulfilled. If guests are coming because of a special offer commissioned as part of a promotion, you have to completely give it. Just think twice before giving out any promotional service so you can wholeheartedly fulfill the promise.

3.  Listen to the customers
It is undebatable that all people want to be listened when they are telling something to another person. Your customers are your kings. Listen to them, identify what they need is and get everything done right away as long as the kings do not turn into an evil dictator.

4.  Face the complaints
As a hotelier, you cannot avoid complaints unless you run a totally perfect business that is impossible to the normal world. Anyway, complaints are not to be avoided. We have to deal with complaints no matter how harsh they are. Face it bravely and wisely. Use your positive energy to solve the problem so everyone will end up happy.

5.  Be sympathetic
Guests will always remember a sympathetic hotelier. If you have a spare time, go to the lobby and meet with the guests. Offer your hands to them and give a short introduction. You will not get any tip, but your name and what you do will be remembered by them.

6.  Train the staff
Staff is your family, not your servant. Train them to make the other members of the family proud. If it is possible, hire some professionals to teach them exclusively about how to deliver good customer service. Make sure they are completely familiar with the information about the hotel so when guests are asking something they already got the answer.

7.  Give bonus
Bonus drives people to do something. In this case, bonus does not always mean a coupon or discount price. A sincere smile given upon guests’ arrival could be a fantastic bonus for those who are extremely tired after a long trip to your property.

You just need to keep in mind that those 7 ways are connected one to another. You cannot run it separately to get the maximum result.

Hotel Manager

The Editor of HotelManager.net