Pet Hotel? Why Not?

Hotel for human is pretty normal for a business runner. What about pet hotel? Pet hotel is where pet owners will go to when they plan to go out of town while there is no reliable relative or neighbor to take care of the pet.

People who have dogs or cats are usually puzzled when they have to leave for another town but they cannot bring their pets along with them. It is very likely that they will board their pets is some pet hotel for a while. They need to pay for the service, of course, but their problems are solved.

Are you interested to try this new business? Well, here are some instructions for you to open a pet hotel:

1.  Get a location

By saying location, it is not just an empty land that you can just buy and build something on it. When it comes to pet hotel building, you must go to your pet local zoning office so you will get a right location with the proper zoning. From this point, you should have decided what kind of pets that you will accept. You should also consider the capacity if your property. Remember! If you accept dogs, build some space for them to exercise. Dogs love to run so think carefully about the size before building a jogging track for them.

2.  Mind the decoration

Just like human hotels, pet hotels also need to be decorated so the guests will stay comfortable. You should consider how you will decorate rooms for dogs. Are they different from rooms for cats? How about the lobby? Want to build vet facilities as well? Please consider the sketch before start painting.

3.  Mind the amenities

Dogs and cats expect different amenities. You need to think about the furnishings of the rooms. Put different kennels for the cat and dog rooms. Place some toys in the rooms for them to play.

4.  24 hours party pet?

You need to decide how you will run the hotel by considering the hours of operation. Adult dogs usually go out every 8 hours. Meanwhile, puppies have to wait for 4 hours. Make sure you hire competent staff to help you take care of the business. Just like any normal hotel, you need to assign a receptionist on the lobby. A supervisor will be needed to make sure everything is under control. But by running a pet hotel, you will also need to hire kennel tech and even veterinarian.

Above all, when you decide to open a pet hotel, you have to make sure that all the staff do not hate animal. That is surely the most important thing.

5.  Prepare the supplies

Buy cat and dog food in bulk. You need to stock all the necessities from food to toy. Perhaps, you will need more shampoo than when you run a common hotel for business or leisure travelers. Get ready to stock vaccines/medicines as well. Check with your local animal control office about vaccination requirements. For the addition, you can also offer other interesting service like training for dogs. You need some professional in this case, but it can be one of your best selling points.

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