What Travelers Want in 2012

Hoteliers must always understand their customers. Knowing what they need and want is one important thing that every hoteliers should have in their mind to keep up with the travel industry competition which is getting tight thanks to the rapid development of technology and social media.
So, in here, Daniel Edward Craig has listed five things that travelers want in 2012. Hoteliers could make this list as a reference for their priority in this year.

1. Helpful information
Surely, each hotel will give information to anyone who wants to get it unless they want to have their rooms stay empty for forever. But the significant thing is, hoteliers must ensure that the information they share are helpful, not just a plain information. Hoteliers also have to provide clear address, telephone number, email, anything that will help the travelers to get more information about the hotels.

2. The best deal
Travelers unquestionably want the best deal that includes the offerings of the hotels. They will compare one offer in one hotel to another to get the best deal. In this case, hoteliers should keep updated with competitors’ latest deals and offerings.

3. Quality assurance
Travelers would like to have something like second opinion telling that their decision to stay in one place is right. Give them real happy stories from everyone who has ever stayed there. It’s important.

4. Share experience
Today is the era of sharing. Internet facility is important so that the travelers could share their experience right away in the hotel, no need to wait when they got home.

5. Mobile compatible site
Technology is advancing. Now people can only use their fingers to check out hotel websites. Hoteliers must create a mobile compatible site to satisfy the travelers’ desire of accessing the site through their smartphones.”

Hotel Manager

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