Managing TripAdvisor Comments

TripAdvisor trademarkIt’s terrific when you can get comments from guests that show how great your property is! This adds to your reputation as a hotel, showing the world how great your service is and much you have to offer the travellers.

As you go about managing your TripAdvisor comments, you can promote guests to post the good stay they had at your hotel.

When it comes time for check-out, suggest to your guests to report their good experiences on TripAdvisor. Have them review the property, your service and the amenities as well.

If you miss suggesting this at check-out, you can always send your guests a very friendly email thanking them for their stay and to please report to TripAdvisor anything that they may have loved about your hotel.

Make sure that while you are managing TripAdvisor comments that you actually read what is posted. This way you can comment on the feedback you receive.

If there happens to be anything negative, address it immediately by apologizing, offering to fix the issue in the future if necessary and always end by offering an incentive to come back.

The easiest way for travellers to find your TripAdvisor site is to link it within your own main website. By displaying the TripAdvisor badge a guest can click on it and be taken directly to your area on TripAdvisor’s website.

If they can’t find you, they can’t leave the comments. Make sure you don’t answer all the comments. If you do this it looks to the travellers as if you are handing out canned responses.

Make it advantageous to your business and reflect the comments as quotes on your main website. Word of mouth is the best kind of promotional material you could ever ask for!

Managing TripAdvisor comments can lead more business your way, uphold your reputation as a premier property to visit and give your hotel credibility.

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