The Top Five Amenities for the Modern Traveler


In the world of travel, guests want to be able to feel like they’re coming home when they go to their hotel room, looking for all of the creature comforts that they thought they’d just leave behind in their everyday life.  But, when it comes down to it, no one wants to come to a room that’s stale and uninviting with under-par amenities and the inability to connect to the outside world.  Here are some of the most sought-after amenities when travelers search for a hotel:

Today, the biggest amenity that most every traveler looks for in a hotel is free in-room WiFi.  In our technological, always-have-to-be-connected age, there are so many people who use the Internet for everyday tasks, such as email, banking, and even phone calls—let alone travel-related extras like making hotel reservations, checking in for flights, planning an itinerary, or finding a restaurant.  Today, quite literally almost everything is done through the Web, so being able to access those important facilities in the comfort of your hotel room is essential for most travelers.  While some hotels offer WiFi on a pay-per-day system or free in common areas only, going the extra step by offering (and promoting) free in-room WiFi will bring a lot of people knocking on your door.

Television anyone?  The best in technology is the HD screens we have in our home, right? Most travelers expect the same at their hotel.  Offering a large-screen HDTV with a plethora of channels, including premium ones either included or available for purchase, travelers will be able to catch up on local news, learn about things to do in the area, and maintain a sense of what’s going on at home.

One of the easiest ways to win people over is with food.  Free food.  And travelers, who might be crunched for time, overwhelmed in a new location, or stressed because of all of the go-go-go, are no exception.  Hotels that offer free noshes and drinks win many a guest over. Have a nice spread as a welcome, offer free breakfast and room service, stock the guest rooms with high-end coffee products, and you’ve got yourself a winner with both leisure and business travelers.

Recognition of name brands—especially luxury ones—goes a long way and really makes travelers feel like they’re getting something special.  One of the best ways to take your property, and your guests’ experience there, to the next level is by offering luxurious toiletries.  Many hotels out there are doing it—and not just the super-big 5-stars either.  The Hotel Chandler in New York offers Aveda, a plantbased product line, while  the Ritz Carlton Hotels have partnered with Bulgari and W properties offer Bliss products.  But if you don’t have the budget to offer designer toiletries, just ask a local artisan to help you out.  Some smaller hotels in San Francisco provide guests with products from the  homegrown San Francisco Soap Company, which are not only fantastic, but also lend a sense of community and help out a local business.

Exercise enthusiasts rarely want to stop exercising when away from home.  Properties with fitness center access and spa facilities are also at the top of the list of amenities for the modern traveler.  When hoteliers offer fitness centers with the latest and greatest equipment, a lot of guests will come to stay.  If you throw in a few TVs that guests can watch while exercising, that’s even better!  After a long day at a conference or sightseeing, a nice deep-muscle massage coupled with a mani/pedi at the on-site spa will thrill many a traveler.

When wanting to cater to modern travelers, the hotelier should keep all of these fantastic amenities in mind. Couple any or all of these with some premium front desk service and a concierge on site and you’ll have constant new business from both leisure and business travelers.

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