The Priceline Negotiator Killed, What Happens Next on Deal Transactions?

William Shatner a.k.a the Priceline Negotiator will die in a bus crash according to the scenario of the commercial aired on Monday. It is the sign that the negotiator will end his important role on It might be saddening for some people because the presence of the Priceline Negotiator always brings excitements.

But don’t worry as the spokesman for the company has pointed out that they would still continue working together as William Shatner is “still under contract.”

Here is the press release from the company:

“The Priceline Negotiator has become very strongly associated with the brand and the concept of negotiating to get a deal on a hotel room. However, customers don’t have to negotiate themselves to get a deal. Without bidding, they can choose from over 200,000 quality hotels around the world, with thousands of them on sale every day at rates we’ve negotiated for them.”

The company said the customers will understand their decision to kill the famous negotiator. The Negotiator himself said he doesn’t really clear about his future in the company. He said he was left “on the same cliffhanger you’re on.” The contract term left is now approximately a year according to the deal.

It is a brave step from to kill their negotiator. It is very risky because the company has been popular for the signature offer of letting the customers naming their own deal.

The only one who knows their plan is just the team behind the website. They know they have strong competitors and behind the killing of their important figure, there must be another innovation that they create to make the people come and use their service.

Anyway, there is about one year of contract left for Shatner. Who knows the company will use him again for the next innovation? Only time will tell.

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