Honoring Ourselves Before Honoring the Customers

Serving is more than just giving smiles and providing the things that the customers want immediately. Serving is all about honoring the customers. It is often being forgotten by anyone who runs a business. No matter what kind of business that they run, all customers have to be honored, with no heed to the class of the customers.

Being persistent and professional is surely one of the most difficult things to do about running a hospitality industry. We have to make sure that we treat all the customers equally, regardless of the personal problems we face, the time of the service, etc. The best way to be professional and persistent is always focus on the job. Do not let any interference distract your attention. If you are really unable to manage your concentration, just take a break for a while. Back to your desk after you can cope with your feeling.

Honoring customers is not merely praising them all the times and doing everything they want us to do. Just do some simple acts such as giving thanks to them for selecting your business instead of picking the others, throwing genuine smiles consistently without trying to be exaggerating and something like that. You have to make sure that you show your respect in each assistance service you provide for them. You also have to love your jobs. It is very significant. Once you no longer love what you are doing, you will work half-heartedly. Talking about loving our own jobs, it means we have to honor ourselves.

Honoring ourselves is the most important thing to do before start honoring the others. Be proud of what you are doing. By taking pride in the job you do, you can easily honor yourself, your colleagues, your boss and of course your customers.

Hotel Manager

The Editor of HotelManager.net