The Best Paths Through Which to Increase Room Sales

increase-hotel-room-salesRoom sales are the key to a hotel’s success is not a secret—and every property has its own strategy to help grow its number of reservations.  Some offer discounts, others create specialized packages—those are the two most popular strategies used by hotel managers.

There’s no need to run into the error of fossilizing only and uniquely on this type of incentive, hoteliers should search for new ways to entice guests using the following guidelines:

1. Identify Your Guests
By now, every hotel has figured out its unique difference to boast about to guests, but to succeeding to identify its target demographic can result in a winning card.  Once you successfully define your typical client, you can create personalized offers, controlling yourself on the strength of their needs.  The first step in helping you to discover what your clients desire could be to create a survey, for example, which will surely help you tap into their real needs.

You’ll then be able to understand if, for example, guests want a faster Internet connection or maybe whether or not you should implement discounts to local attractions, etc.

2. Building Relationships
Establishing strong relationships with your clients will make the difference in your business’s future.  Getting away from the assumption that a faithful clientele is a returning clientele that spreads the good word about your business, to make certain that the staff will always be attentive to guests’ needs, to search to build this relationship also across modern media, like the Internet, to make them feel that even after the end of their stay they are part of a family.  That they receive holiday and New Year’s greetings, in addition to general offers and deals created specifically for them.


3. Your Hotel Should be Special
Rule number one in hotel ownership: understanding what makes your property unique and special.  This should be something that sets apart your hotel from the rest, and if you’re not able to successfully choose one and showcase it, you may have trouble retaining guests.  But it’s because of that “it factor” that your guests will spread the word about your property, which is really some of the most valuable publicity you can ask for.

4. Take Advantage of the Power of the Internet
Your hotel’s website can really represent the extra weapon you need for the definitive drive in your sales.  Aside from the correct management of your online marketing strategies, you’ll be able to see the site as a window to the world, like one of the principle gateways to let you become known and to promote your business.  If you calculate that every day people carry out the great majority of their hotel reservations online and before making them, they always search the web for the most information they can find before finishing up their transaction.  Therefore, filling up your hotel’s website with photos and news can be the perfect “bait” to attract new users.

Another must is to create and properly manage your hotel’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  They will be some of the best instruments through which to communicate with your current and future clients, increasing the possibility to create and maintain relationships.

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