Social Media Could be Used to Overthrow Companies Leaders

We cannot deny that social media has a large contribution to the situation of the world today. Early this year, Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak was overthrown after the people organized the protest by using Twitter and Facebook. Ben Ali of Tunisia was also forced to surrender after the people conveyed a large pressure initially via social media sites. In India, a man called the next Gandhi did a widespread campaign against corruption, driving thousands of citizens to flock to the street to support the campaign.

With the magnificent impact of social media websites towards the world today, companies in business industry have to pay much attention to this most important invention in the world nowadays.

“I don’t think it’s crazy to ask if your CEO is the next Mubarak,” says Gary Hamel, a renowned business management theoretician.

CEO of stated that the insurrections start when the elites (managers in companies) are no longer holding the conversation. “This is about corporate spring,” he said.

In the case of business industry, customers and employees can organize a protest against the companies who failed to give them a satisfaction. Leaders of the companies will have to bring forward their good faith, rightfulness, authenticity and transparency if they want the business keeps on running.

A customer who is displeased can immediately post his or her dissatisfaction online. If other customers who read the disapproval share the same experience, they will be bound together to express their disappointment. Employees who get disappointed while working in the company can also threaten the perpetuity of the company.

But there is also a bright side of the rapid development of social networking technology in the other hand. People who run a business can be successful they can take a maximum advantage of the development. It is totally wrong if a company bans social media. Companies have to adjust to the actual condition of the world today to generate more profit and to hold on for a longer time.

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