How to Drive Customer Loyalty

Having a loyal customer seems to be a hard thing to do for those who run a business. Well, the fact is it’s not that hard if you are willing to do your best.

It is true that hard work and personal relationship are important to make the customer loyal to you. But the most important thing to do beyond the two things mentioned previously is your expertise. You are going to show you expertise in this field to your customers to impress them. Here are the steps:

1. Know your customers
You have to learn about culture of your customers. Get as much as information about your customers. Today, with internet we could do like anything. Just ask Google to get the information about the customers. Read one or two pages, digest the information, and use it when you are facing them in the “real world.”

2. Ask your customers about their industry if necessary
You may ask about what is happening in the industry. Just focus on 4 things when asking: regulations, innovations, technology, and acquisitions. Those 4 things are usually the categories of which the customers need helps the most.

3. Show that you can help your customers
You need to make your customers believe in your expertise to help them finding the best solution to their issues. In this case you need to learn about the power of language. No need to be a linguist to be an expert of language. You just have to use three “languages” in conveying the message:

a. Language of time
Suggest how you might help them faster than others. Show them that you are responsive and able to work within tight deadlines.
b. Language of money
Today, people will try hard to save money as much as they can. Explain to the customers how much they can save money if they use your service/products.
c. Risk
People tend to choose an option that has the lowest-risk, so explain that you can be the answer if they want to avoid high risk solution.

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