Setting Social Media Strategy for Hospitality Industry

It seems the talking about social media is having no end. It is always something to talk and to explore. For hoteliers, the emergence of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare is certainly like a gift from heaven. More people can book hotels more easily by using the sites. The communication between the hoteliers and customers is also strengthened so it is no surprise that each person has their own favorite hotel.

As now we have entered the New Year, 2012, of course we have already prepared our resolutions. To take a full advantage, why don’t we also prepare social media resolutions for 2012?

Set the strategy
The first thing to do is setting the strategy. You have to identify the goals and the way to reach them. Make a list based on order of importance.

Commit yourself
Commitment is the key. Talking is cheap, so don’t let you down on this line. No matter how bad the weather, you should stay focus and firm. And it means self-sacrifice.

Be humane
Even though social media sites are something virtual, but there is a real person who runs behind the page. So, act like a human. Listen to people’s talking about your service. Reply to their questions. Tell the people that your social media site is alive.

Don’t be rude
If you have announced to the world that you are alive, don’t be a dictator. If there is a customer complaining on the page, give a calm response. You don’t need to involve emotion in this field.

Run your business online
Social media sites  are like the right hand of your business industry. When you have entered the realm of social media, it is unnecessary to merely talk about social because it’s business that you run instead of yourself. Share the benefits of staying in your hotel. Announce the latest deals, etc.

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