Expedia Last-Minute Deals Let Users Decide the Best Deals for Others

Now travelers play significant roles in creating deals in Expedia. Different from the “normal” deals programs that are influenced by suppliers and merely depended on inventory, Expedia Last-Minute Hotel Deals use the key of origin of the customers to drive the always-awaited deals programs.

The hotel deals work by the interference of the travelers. The best hotel deals pop up with the merit of the millions of users that come and visit the site daily to get the best travel deals. The creative team behind the program sees that it is an opportunity to create a new program that relies on user-informed travel trends and user generated deals by considering the facts that many people visit the site daily.

To get the best deal on the Last-Minute Deals, you just need to go to your browser and visit expedia.com/lastminute. The website can automatically detect where your position is or if you are not redirected automatically, enter your home town on the field allocated. In no time, the sire will display the best deals in the immediate vicinity. The users can make their own deals.

Joe Megibow, the VP and GM of Expedia.com, said the visitors of Expedia.com now can act as personal travel agent that will bring the best deals from their home city. The deals program of the site will help people getting the best deals by giving a space for the others to do the research for the others. On the page of Last-Minute Deals section, you will see hotels and flights deals for “Tonight,” “This Weekend,” and “Next Weekend.”

The new Last-Minute Deals program is the latest innovation done by Expedia.com. Last year, the site launched the ASAP program. The ASAP acronym stands for A Sudden Amazing Price. The site also launched a program by teaming up with Groupon, namely Groupon Getaways. Expedia’s last year programs were quite successful.

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