10 Tips to Take Advantage of LinkedIn to Promote Hotel Brand

More than 130 million internet users have their own LinkedIn pages. About 60 percent of it settles beyond the borders of America.

It makes the social media site a potential medium to market our brand. Here is a list of 10 ways of using LinkedIn to bring our brand to the global market.

1. Cooperate with your mates
If you can listen to the market by using your heart, it means the success is one step closer. In the LinkedIn Groups, you can discuss the recent issues with other fellow LinkedIn users so you will be able to grab new knowledge from the discussion.

2. Create on your niche’
Connect with as much companies and people as you can because there is no limit in LinkedIn. By having many mates you can have more options to build specific connections with certain people/companies that you think will bring benefit to your business.

3. Post updates
In the section of company profile, post the latest updates from you. You must post something that will lead to a discussion. You can learn something from the feedback.

4. Talk to your audience
Communicate with your audience to find out what they need the most and what they think at the very moment. You can simply use the polling feature to get the answers to your questions.

5. Take advantage of LinkedIn Ads
In the first place, LinkedIn Ads are cheaper than the conventional advertising. And in the second place, with more than 130 million users worldwide, the potential clients targeted by the ads are unquestionably abundant.

6. Recommend..recommend..recommend
Be generous. This is how marketing working. Others will say positively about you and your brand if you say the same things about them.

7. Search Engine Optimization
Use correct keywords in the user profile field. Replace the number in the URL section with your name/company’s name to help Google identifies your page.

8. Take advantage of LinkedIn applications
By using the applications, you can get the maximum benefit of the site. Explore the apps and take full advantage of it.

9. Connect in “real world”
Don’t just make friends on the internet. Meet them on certain events that relate your connection.

10. Integrate all the social media sites
You can add LinkedIn Share to help the people share with their friends. You can also show the Follow Us on LinkedIn button on your social media sites to lead them to visit your page on LinkedIn.

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