How to Ensure Security in a Hotel

The security in hotel is very importantHotel security is one of many factors that influence people’s decision when they are about to pick a hotel to stay.

The environment contributes to the crimes that could potentially happen in the property, but hoteliers could resolve the problem by implementing the right strategy.

There is no specific data about nonfatal violent crimes happened in hotels, but according to the report commissioned by the US Justice Department Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were over 572,000 nonfatal violent crimes such as robbery, assault and rape that occurred against people age 16 or older when they were working in 2009.

The experts in hotel security field have many things to share to hoteliers who are concerned with their property security. Here they are:

1. Training
The first thing to do when it comes to hotel security is training for the people who are responsible for the security system in the property.Anthony C. Roman, CEO of Roman and Associates, that provide service of investigation, security and risk management program, said besides those who particularly responsible, all staff shall have the same training to protect the victim.

2. Technology
Layering technology is as recommended as layering policies when it comes to security system in a hotel. Roman said cameras in hallways and at all entrances to all rooms are a great idea. Panic button is also a good idea. It will be much better if the device comes with a GPS system so the security staff can locate the person when the button is pressed.

3. Empowerment
Empowering all the staff is a significant step to make sure that everything is going to be alright when crimes are happening in front of them. All hoteliers should give motivation to the staff so they will not hesitate to act as they have got a strong back up from their boss.

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