Amadeus Signed New Five-year Contract with UNIGLOBE

The big travel companyAmadeus has announced its latest step in travel industry business.

The group has reportedly signed a new contract with UNIGLOBE Travel that will keep them working together for the next 5 year.

The agreement means Amadeus will supply content distribution services and IT solutions across the globe to the biggest single-brand travel agency franchise UNIGLOBE.

All the twelve markets in Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe are included in the agreement. The new contract will allow UNIGLOBE to get the information of Amadeus’ inventory of more than 110,000 hotel properties, the world’s 22 cruises lines, 30 car rental firms and 430 bookable airlines.

According to Amadeus, this cooperation is to motivate the bookings growth within the network of the travel organization both internationally and organically.

Countries which are included in the cooperation deal include Italy, Belgium, the UK, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia in Europe, South Africa and Kenya in Africa and Mexico in Central America.

Amadeus and UNIGLOBE Travel said the extension of their cooperation is part of their long-term strategy in technology to offer comprehensive travel service to leisure and business travelers as well.

Albert Pozo, the vice president of Amadeus said the customers of UNIGLOBE will get the advantage from a genuine global travel management program. He also mentioned about the complete transparency of the travel costs.

Responding to the growth of regional and local travel management companies trend, the organization said they have provided the solution for customers in the franchise segment.

UNIGLOBE President and CEO Martin Charlwood said by implementing the technology from Amadeus, they can continue to widen their global business presence.

They can also maintain their different customer service that adapt to the local markets around the 60 countries where their businesses are located.

He also said the organization will benefit from the cooperation as they are truly giving their best to be the world’s most reliable travel industry company.

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