How to Attract More Visitors Using Pictures


A hotel’s website should cover all of the information needed by prospective clients and customers, thus making sure they can make educated decisions about whether or not that particular property is suitable for them.

As a hotelier, you have to be sure to include your property’s most basic information, including the number of rooms, the amenities in and style of the rooms, and, of course, how to go about making a reservation.  But there’s another attention-grabbing item that you should never forget to include on your hotel’s website: pictures!

Pictures are vital to enticing  visitors to come and browse through your entire site.  Taking some stylish, well-lit photos around your property (or hiring a professional to do it for you) and uploading them on your hotel’s website is easy.  And the increase in page traffic, and therefore bookings, will surely grow exponentially.  Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget to hire a photographer–these simple tips will help you snap some winning shots by yourself.

So grab your camera and snap away!

–       Know Your Strengths
The very first thing you have to do is to figure out what makes your hotel special. If you have fantastic artwork hanging on the wall, photograph them. Or perhaps you have a beautiful garden for relaxation, capture it. Make sure competitors don’t have the same special features–find something exclusive that visitors cannot find in any other websites.

–        Involve Real People
Ask your staff to pose for some pictures while they are performing their jobs.  Snap waitresses delivering a bottle of champagne. Frame the bartenders while they mix some exclusive drinks from your hotel bar. Take a few candid shots of the front desk staff assisting guests.  Try to capture the activities happening as naturally as possible. Giving this honest, authentic look into the inner workings of your property will give guests a positive impression.

–        Snap the Food
Take a full advantage of the power of food pictures. Give your hotel restaurant’s signature dish the spotlight it deserves in order to showcase your chef’s talents as well as make potential guests’ hungry and craving your food. Snap away while the dish is still hot!

–        Get the Room Well Dressed
The most important photos guests are going to want to see are those of the guest rooms.  Be sure to feature multiple photos from different angles of each style of room your hotel offers.  This will show potential guests what they can expect when they check in to your property.  In order to accentuate the exclusive features, turn on all of the lights int he room and move around the furniture if need be, fluff the pillows, open the curtains.  Focus on the details–zoom in on the mints left on the pillow.  Take a shot of the fresh flowers on the nightstand.  Be sure you take a few photos of the bathroom, too!  The most important tip here is to make sure that the rooms are accurately depicted in the photos.  You don’t want to pull a bait and switch by making the rooms seem much nicer than they are.  Guests will notice and will not be happy.

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