HeBs Digital’s Awards in Internet Advertising Competition–Two Years in a Row


Because of its biggest contribution in digital marketing service, HeBs Digital achieved two awards in Internet Advertising Competition for the category of “Best Best Hotel and Lodging Interactive Application” and “Best Lodging and Hotel Email Campaign”–two years in a row.

Both in 2012 and 2013, those awards make HeBs proud, as what has been stated by Max Starkox, the President and CEO of HeBS Digital. He also said that even though a number of hotel marketers consider email marketing method is outdated but the method still works till today to produce the great number of revenue and also excellent ROIs.

He recommends the method for HeBs clients too. Stroke by crises, Starkov stated that 2012 was a tough time for hoteliers to face. Yet HeBS overcame.

For HeBs, the two awards have demonstrated alternative campaigns like with Black Friday, combining basic marketing through email in 2012.

Internet Advertising Competition awards are given for those who are excellent in the online advertising world. The awards were made by the Association of Web Marketing to commemorate the organizations and individuals who have performed excellent performance in the online marketing sphere and HeBs did the job very well.

What are the points for this award?

The juries consider the design, innovation, creativity, copywriting and the use of medium and impact. One of the clients, Shell Vacations Hospitality, which is handled by its Director of Internet Marketing, Shallana Edwards said that she is very happy with the job carried out by HeBS Digital on the Black Friday Sale on Travel for the last three years of cooperation. She said that working with the HeBs Digital gives the Hospitality of Shell Vacations the power and ability to take the campaign consistently to the new height in designs.

In general, HeBs Digital is a firm that manages hotels and inns via the Internet, providing a direct online marketing strategy. HeBs helps hoteliers use online methods to change their websites into effective distribution tools. This Internet marketing company related to travel and hotels provides those in the travel industry with a solution to face crucial issues related to the booming strategy of the Internet.

HeBs Digital was founded in 1995, and the company claims to be experienced in city hotel marketing, with their professional Internet marketers and consultants, in addition to a different methodology and creative tools to help the hotel company boost their internet presence in such a booming online market.

What has been used by HeBs is inspired by the next generation of Internet technology–especially in marketing. The marketers of HeBS are recognized as the leaders for some events, like internet marketing meetings, tourism meetings, and government meetings.

The Digital Chief of HeBS eBusiness Strategist has been working as a professor after graduating from New York University majoring in the Tourism Industry. With this Internet Award Competition, it is hoped that more travel companies will start using online ways to promote their businesses.

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