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Smartphone users can now plan to visit some of their favorite destinations using the HotelClub mobile site.  Customers will now have easy access to information for hotels and inns they found near their destination area.

The best thing about this mobile site is that it comes with Mobile Deals, including mobile exclusive rates from many hotels around the world–up to 50% off. Also, customers will find out about interesting hotel offers before anyone else.

President of the HotelClub, Jeremy Bellinghausen, said that the number of smartphone users in the UK is increasing, meaning it can reach nearly 30% of the total population in England.

Those who have the mobile version of HotelClub are able to book rooms on the same day they plan to check in, making the mobile site five times more effective than the desktop application.

Bellinghausen confirms again that through the Mobile Deals, HotelClub offers a lower rate for the members through discounts in addition to helping hotel suppliers fill their unsold rooms. He calls it ‘a win-win situation.’

All types of smartphones are compatible with mobile app from HotelClub–iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android. So, what are the main features of this mobile application from Here they are:

1.  Loyalty everywhere means that this app is easy to handle using the Member Rewards app–whether you access it through mobile or desktop.

2.  The ‘nearby and available tonight’ application helps users quickly find and book hotels in various city hotels using last minute cost, meaning that they can also get cheaper rates.

3.  With the ‘quick search’ feature, the users can find hotels at the best values, lowest price, distances, and star rating, plus score.

4.  Original reviews can also be found here, so users can read thousands original reviews from the members of HotelClub. The reviews aren’t aimed at promoting the hotel since the site has a specific filter to detect IP address, abusive language, and other negative content. So what users read here are real reviews from people who actually stayed at the hotel.

5.  Various languages and currencies enable users to access the product all across the world.

The rate for accessing could be different from one country to another, depending on the operator’s rate and the system they give for smartphones. Aside from those benefits, there are still other positive things guests can get by accessing the mobile site for

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