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Hotels in the United States of America get the privilege to be the first crowd to take advantage of the latest experiment from Google called Hotel Finder. Recently, Google has officially announced the launch of the new experiment. The blog says the hotels available in the search engine are those in the U.S. only for now, but an expansion to the other continents is very possible in the immediate future.

With the launch of the experimental Hotel Finder, people can simply use Google instead of wasting time searching for the best hotels in the blogs or Facebook pages. Compared to the blogs or websites that provide hotels search feature, the page of Hotel Finder is much “cleaner.” The blog is free from ads. That is the first big differences between common hotel price comparison sites and Hotel Finder. You will not find the usual features commonly found in hotel search sites such as radio dials, comment boxes, automatic
pop up features, etc.

In Hotel Finder, you will get two options about how you are going to search. You can get a list of the hotels that you search that can be sorted based on the class, ratings from user and average price per night, and also the comparison of last year’s price and today’s price. After that, you can make your own list of the best or the most favorite hotels.

The most excellent feature is perhaps the map view. Hotel Finder provides a free from parallelogram that you can use to select the areas you want to stay. Another map feature is the heat map which provides the popular main attractions areas to the people who are not familiar with the city they want to visit. The information about any hotel you select will pop up in the browser window instead of in a small new tab or window. Once you have found the best hotel for you, the blog will send you to the site related to the hotel for the transaction.

For more info visit: http://www.google.com/hotelfinder/

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