Do We Need to Response to Comments on Facebook Page?

Brian Bagel of TIG Global Social Media Manager has pointed out his opinion about social media responses beyond TripAdvisor.

According to him, Facebook page administrators often find this problem: do we have to respond to the questions, complaints, etc posted on Facebook page? I cannot agree more that this question always pops up in their minds.

Admins’ response in TripAdvisor or Yelp is more common than in Facebook. Socialbakers had made a study about this topic. The result is available in the article from all facebook entitled “95% of Facebook Wall Posts Not Answered By Brands.” Socialbakers recommended admins should answer 65%-75% of posts on a Facebook page.

But Mr. Bagel notices that in giving answers on Facebook page, the administrators have to understand what kind of responses that have to be answered and how to answer the responses in a proper way.

Here is a common list of what kind of responses that should be answered according to Mr. Bagel:

  1. Responses that need clarification from us.
  2. Most negative reviews, particularly if we can make amends about the nuisance.
  3. Positive reviews (Ignorance could result in disharmonic relationship with the customers).

However, when it comes to Facebook business, the list could alter. Here are the types of comments that need our attention.

  1. All questions posted on the page.
  2. All negative comments –We have to do our utmost to avoid social media conversation, but if it is unavoidable, be steady and professional in giving the responses.
  3. All positive comments – Do not waste your time by writing long responses. “Thank you” expression is enough.
  4. Any inquiries about information.
  5. Any question about what have already available on your website – You can give the link to the website and inform them that everything they ask is available on the website.


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