Federal Lawsuit Says Latino Hotel Workers More Diligent than American Workers

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is looking back pay for the former employees of Hampton Inn in Craig who were fired from August to November last year. The EEOC has filed a lawsuit saying that the business operators fired all the non-Hispanic workers and replaced them with the Latinos who according to the operators have more adorable work ethic compared to the “lazy” Americans and other non-Latino workers.

The federal lawsuit claimed the management told one of the employees who was fired that she was fired because the hotel mamagement wanted to have non-Caucasian and non-American workers because the owners believed that such workers are not as diligent as the Hispanic workers.

Mary Jo O’Neill, the EEOC attorney, said such case is very rare because usually it is the minorities that get the discrimination, not the majorities. “I’ve been doing this work for 30-some years and I’ve never filed a case like this,” she said.

The Hampton Inn is under the management of 2 Wyoming-based corporations, Century Rama Inc. and Century Shree Corp. The lawyer of the management did not give any comment because he said the discussion of the lawsuit with his clients is still underway.
O’ Neil said the lawsuit was filed on behalf of the 3 fired workers who used to work in the house keeping and laundry departments. However, the attorney said it is very likely that other workers also experienced the same treatment of discrimination.

Besides the accusation of discrimination treatments conducted upon all the non-Hispanic workers, the EEOC also sued the 2 corporations of disobeying the laws of federal record keeping because they failed to archive and keep the documents of the employment for at least one year. The agency also for antidiscrimination policy to be implement in running the business.

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