The Resurrection of Traditional Travel Agencies

In past decade, people used traditional travel agencies when they want to trip somewhere. However, with the development of internet technology in the last fifteen years, now people can control their travelling plan by themselves or move to travel agencies in online world to help people plan their trip better. This is what make the face of travel industry is really changing now.

In United States, however, there are still many people using traditional travel agencies. Even the number is not just small. It has been said by a tourism research that in 2009-2013, the traditional agencies give revenues for almost US 95 billion dollars.

Although the country has been hit by crisis, but the travel agencies could still get revenue. The number of corporate agencies is now rising. That kind of agencies have business in hotel, plane and transportation system.

The main reason why they expand their business is that the changing of market situation for more than 15 years.

The same news has been reported by the PhoCusWright including the prediction of future market of travel agent. In the future, travel agent will seize the business out of agency to leisure and other sectors. The report also states about the structure of the travel agency’s market. The report about the development of the travel agency could be also found there.

What could you find there? There, you could also find the information about method used by US travel agencies.

Although it has been reported that online travel agency has replaced the existence of traditional travel agencies but this old-school agencies still show its power although it takes longer time to manage the travel including prepare for the tickets, destination and others. Consequently, the price the customers should pay here is doubled.

In contrast with traditional travel agencies, online travel agencies have the deals firs and offer the travelers the best vacations they could get. But if you have limited budget, online travel agencies do not answer your question about the suitable travel package to take. Most of online booking websites are affiliate pages such as and which are owned by the same company.

Following online travel agencies which are trending, now traditional travel agencies use the same way as online agencies do. They have created websites offering the same types of deals in different locations but still sticking with their traditional company system by providing the guides, tickets and hotels in which they have been affiliated with for a long time. While in modern online travel agencies, some of them do not have affiliation so the users need to search their own needs. The benefit of this system is that they will save their money because travelers can compare price and select the lowest one according to their budget.

However, there are too many benefits that online travel agency offers. Besides the efficiency of time, travelers could also decide the places where they will go and settle without waiting for agency’s advice. Travelers do not need to call them just to clarify the schedule and everything related to their travelling time because they have decided their own journey by themselves.

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