6 Secrets of Successful Billionaires

bill gatesWarren Buffett is one of the most successful persons in the world, especially when the topic is finance. What about Bill Gates? Well, he is also included in the group. So is Carlos Slim who successfully becomes the world’s wealthiest man for 3 times in a row from 2010-2012.

Why they can be so successful? How did they can get to the top position? Is there any secret?

Of course they have their own secret, but some secret had already been published for the public through books, seminars, interviews, etc.

Here is a summary of the secret of the world’s billionaires. Watch your steps before jumping to the list below:

1.  Understand goals
Setting goals is of course a must before someone wants to take a step ahead. The big deal is do they understand the goals? The goals need your understanding so they can be achieved more easily. Set logical goals and decide when you will be able to enjoy the fruit of your efforts according to the plan.

2.  Start now
Ever heard of momentum? The power of momentum drives to-be successful people to act as soon as possible. They do not wait for other people to overtake their plans. Perhaps they will not take a loud, long step right away. A gentle yet firm step is sometimes required to enact the plan.

3.  Positive thinking
Successful people try their utmost to think positive towards their environment. Their cup is never half-empty because they are completely optimistic. There is always positive side of a chance in front of their eyes.

4.  Act out
It is still related to the step number 2. Failed people wait forever, while successful people just take action right away. You are experiencing a syndrome called “analysis paralysis” if you choose to wait until you think you have the answer. But you must know that successful people do not act without using their mind. They decide right away because they know they are in the right path.

5.  Be persistent
Weak-kneed people will never get far in a battlefield. They will either die first or stay alive, but are forever remembered as a coward. Running a business is like entering a battlefield. Hold your gun firmly and shoot your enemies right on their head to score without leaving behind the war regulation. You have to be determined, persistent. Ensure yourself that you are going to win the war. Otherwise, you will be defeated by your own fear, which is losing the battle.

6.  Use the law of attraction
If you never heard of the law of attraction, it is time for you to learn it before baptizing yourself as a businessman/businesswoman. Many people try out the law of attraction in hope of becoming a successful person. But only few end up triumphant.  The law of attraction is all about how to make things that seem impossible possible. In this case, you need to completely believe that you will get what you want. It may looks like a mystic but believe it or not, your thoughts define your vision, and your vision defines your future.

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