Wego’s Best Hotels in South East Asia

Wego.com , the first generation of Asia’s travel search engine, has its own version of the best boutique and independent hotels in South East Asia. According to the analysis of the site, there are two different groups that often get the service of the most popular boutique and independent hotels.

The first group is those who always do a research on the internet before eventually booking themselves into the hotels. The group usually travels to the capital city of the country. They are highly influenced by the reviews and also the location of the hotel.

Around 20 hotels are being the most favorite options for the group, for example Aryaduta Jakarta (Indonesia), Piccolo Hotel Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Lebua Bangkok (Thailand). Meanwhile, the second group often searches for budget hotels that offer low cost accommodations. The travelers are mostly more independent in choosing the hotels compared to the first group but it is hard to find some boutique hotels online because usually the information about such kind of hotel is very limited on the web.

However, Wego.com displays the listing of more than 130 travel suppliers. In other words, they are able to see more clearly about the hotel so the assessment result can be draws particularly on accumulated reviews of the customers, price and photos. According to Wego.com, the most popular hotels present the traditional and local culture of the environment and assured comforts.

Craig Hewett of the Wego said, “A lot of their appeal is tied into cultural identity, a degree of self-expression and a General Manager passionate about service.”

The most popular searches in Wego.com include a number of exotic hotels in 3 countries, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. In Indonesia, people often search Abian Biu, Febris Hotel & Spa and White Rose (Bali). In Malaysia, The Frangipani (Langkawi) is the most popular hotel. Meanwhile, in Thailand, Twinpalms and Sawasdee Village (Phuket) and Silavadee Pool Spa Resort (Koh Samui) are the best ones.

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