New Trends for 2012

Many people said New Year is the best momentum to be the new individual with a new spirit as it is the time when we depart the last year’s moments and start all over again in the New Year period.

New Year means new trends. When it comes to hospitality business, we need to follow the trends if we don’t want to be left behind by the other competitors. But if you quite believe in your ability to settle new trends, why not? Here are tips to create spa trend for 2012. Check them out:

Red Carpet
In Chinese culture, the color of red means prosperity and happiness. Use red-colored carpet to welcome your customers. In addition, red carpet is famous for its use for international celebrities at international events. Your customers will feel very welcomed and honored.

Dealer chic
There are 3 strong reasons why dealer chic is the new trend for 2012:

  1. Many customers try to get new experience even though the money they got is just “adequate.
  2. Customers are getting familiar with the use of technology to get the best deals.
  3. Customers believe that they have got the best hotel deals after making a deal online.

Promoting global warming issue is a great way to promote your hotel business, too. Back to nature is the key. Use recycled products. Don’t litter!

Today, people fight each other to get coupons, deals, discounts, etc. If you haven’t entered the business of giving away the magnetic features, you must try it this year.

Emerging mature materialism
It is time to be more mature in the realm of materialism. But don’t try to sell sex to your customers. Well, it is very enticing, but it is strongly not recommended unless you want to be known as sex promoter.”

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