Marriott’s Brilliant Plan to Transform–With the Help of Guests

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The Marriott hotel chain has come up with a brilliant new idea for the millions of us that spend time in hotel rooms. Not so long ago, a hotel was somewhere to go for a relaxing holiday. Clean sheets and a decent bathroom, a nice view when guests gazed out of their, hopefully, clean windows–that was about all travelers wanted.

Technology has moved so fast, and with about 50% of Americans working as they travel, the need for hotels where the emphasis is on work and play is being taken to another level. Marriott is looking for travelers to submit ideas of what they would like to see in their hotel rooms to make the transition from workplace to bedroom and back again.

Marriott wants to know what guests want to find when they first open their hotel room door. For a dedicated worker, desk space will be of utmost importance–not just to place a laptop, but room to spread out folders and paperwork. Marriott is working closely with Rhode Island School of Design to come up with innovative ideas for just this.

Check-in at a busy hotel desk is always a nuisance, especially when guests are in a hurry or are too tired to stand and make small-talk with the desk staff. The Marriott App is being tested and will mean checking in to a hotel before guests even get there. Upon arrival, all they’ll have to do is collect the key. No more waiting behind queues of people asking loads of questions when all the folks standing in line can think about is that urgent conference call they should be on.

For meals, the design team is creating a restaurant that “is not a restaurant” according to Marriott. The new Goji Kitchen & Bar is going to focus on fresh daily produce from local sources and serve them in ultra-modern spaces that adapt to breakfast and dinner. These futuristic spaces will change at the touch of a button with drop-down screens, shelving, and furniture almost magically appearing to transform somewhere guests eat toast into an upmarket dining experience.

Travelers can go to the Marriott website to help be part of this exciting project. There, they can upload suggestions through the end of September. Fifteen lucky contributors will win the chance to work with the Marriott design team, making the difference for millions.

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