“Get Smart” in Hotels

These devices make the hotel smartGet Smart is an action movie with the utilization of super-sophisticated technology such as a lighter that looks like a high caliber gun and a lipstick recording conversations or releasing poisonous gas.

It is called smart because the characters used those sophisticated technologies in their missions. Hotels can also be called SMART for using great technologies in their services.

Recent development in tablets and smartphones are used by the hotel to provide their users with great and up-to-date services the tablet computers and smartphones are mostly used to book hotel rooms and to get general info’s about services.

Thanks to this tablet, users can also access to membership cards, several kinds of services and e.commerce sites.

In Hyatt Regency Jeju, the tablet computers are rented to the guests. There are 42 tablet computers available as
travel guides to help tourist to define an itinerary, economic and management books and also children classic stories.

The other service offered by this technology is to help foreign guests to find the right directions, estimate the taxi rate from the position they are to their destination.

Other smartness of the using of this tablet computers and smartphones is that guests can upgrade their room by comparing the available picture in the tablet computer with they need.

This, the costumers will be satisfied because they get what they want, and they did it simply from the tablet computers and smartphones.

Source: http://ehotelier.com/hospitality-news/item.php?id=22046_0_11_0_C

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