Expressway, the Fastest Way to Book Flights, from Cleartrip



Cleartrip is famous for the features of giving lower airfare for travelers based in Mumbai, India. Now with a new feature called Expressway, travelers can book flights in the fastest way with the lowest price.

Now with Expressway, customers just need to click once to book flights by storing all the details. With this simple process, customers do not need to store all the complicated steps of filling in their name, address card, and details when they want to book flights on Cleartrip. Expressway makes the booking process simpler than what most people think.

Cleartrip wants customers to book efficiently and quickly. Through this travel site, more than 77% of flight bookings are booked by customers who fly solo.

Customers first have to log in on the Cleartrip website to enter their credit card CVV by consulting the settings for one-pax flight booking once an itinerary is chosen. Next, you’ll be taken to the payment page where you can place your VBV or 3D-secure password to have the payment completed.

After clicking on edit and picking one payment method or adding a new card, customers can edit the payment card option there. Also, they can edit the name of travelers when they book for someone else. Another benefit of using Expressway is that this site is also available in a mobile version, so you can book flights using a phone, smartphone, or a desktop. All of Expressway’s processes are simple, which is why the company ensures travelers process flights in a fast way without any hindrance.

Cleartrip, the parent company of Expressway, is an online travel site focusing on Indian customers who want to book domestic flights and hotel rooms easily. The mission of Cleartrip is: “making travel simple,” which is actualized through features such as Expressway.

Also, this Indian online travel company has divided their business into four major strategies: simple, comprehensive, reliable, and responsible. Through simplicity, Cleartrip wants to make any booking process easy. They also claim to be the easiest place to book travel. While with comprehensive strategy, Cleartrip wants to work closely with suppliers to add more airlines and hotels. Lastly, with reliable and responsible strategies, they want to make customers get the best service in their travel.

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