Business Travelers: The New Demand

The prestigious hotel chain Marriott Hotels & Resorts has commissioned Wired magazine, the best-known technology magazine in America, to carry out a survey of its readers, directing that research at a high-profile panel (all upper-level professionals with graduate degrees) to try to understand the needs and preferences of business travelers. The results have brought to the surface a series of elements that every hotel manager should take into consideration, specifically those specializing in this category of travelers.

The main trend emerging from the research is the always-growing desire to pair work commitments with personal preferences. A new class of businessman has emerged that sees the business trip as a responsibility as well as an opportunity to visit a new place and enjoy the experience. .

As a result, staying in a hotel that makes everything as pleasant as possible is essential, with about 42% of the readership highlighting that the line between work and pleasure keeps growing thinner.

Regarding this first result, the most important suggestion that we can give to all hotel owners is to treat business clients the same way as those traveling for leisure. With the difference in the demands and desires between these two categories of travelers dwindling, business owners may consider creating packages designed for business travelers, introducing wellness treatments/spas, or offering special discounts if the business trip (normally midweek) spans two consecutive weekends.

Always being connected is another emerging necessity, with about 28% of survey participants saying the possibility of working remotely is fundamental, and can even better the quality of work, eliminating stress and anxiety and making a notable increase in productivity.

Therefore, by providing your hotel (even if it’s already to be expected in 2012, it never hurts to be reminded) with fast and efficient connections and, above all, free, updated Internet service, we are convinced that, while it can mean a large economic commitment, the return in the long run is absolutely guaranteed.

Since most business travelers prefer to work out of their rooms when they travel, it is best to try to replicate mini-offices. Some simple ways of making the in-room work experience better include providing the room with more wall sockets, allowing the occupant to simultaneously charge multiple devices; adding a large and functional desk and comfortable seats; insulating the room to allow for silence. These simple pieces of advice will, undoubtedly, guarantee your clients’s satisfaction.

Don’t forget that, in the end, business travelers are considered frequent travelers that move, on average, 3-4 times per year for different lengths of stay. As a result, it is important to direct a fair percentage of force in this direction, which, in the end, increases your own piece of this always-growing market.

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