8 Popular Web Analytics Tools

Analytics Web ToolTravel web visitors are always hard to understand. 

They have their own data background so the collecting, analyzing and reporting will be a bit complicated.

The data surely has to be reviewed on regular basis.

But it is very likely that you will spend the whole day reviewing the data one by one.

Thanks to the technology, hotel managers and hotel marketer can live this life easier.

There are at least 8 tools available for you to understand more about traffic of your hotel website:

1.  Google Analytics

One thing for sure, this great tool is for free! You can track and analyze data about the traffic using this tool. There are keywords that can be used in the website to bring more visitors to come.

You can figure out how the hotel website can draw the visitors. Things that you consider as the best features from your site perhaps are seen as a drawback by the visitors. (google.com/analytics)

2.  Spring Metrics

Spring Metrics is pretty similar to Google Analytics, only the way it tracks the path of a visitor through the hotel site is different. Spring Metrics’ Standard Plan includes real time keyword analytics, landing-page analysis, real-time conversion analytics and also top converting sources. You just need to invest $49 a month to get the benefit of it. (springmetrics.com)

3.  Woopra

Just like Spring Metrics, Wiipra collects real-time data. You can see the stats of websites’ live visitors including where they access your website and what pages are they are reading right now. The best feature from this tool is perhaps its ability to allow operators to chat with individual site visitors live. Free and paid services are dedicated to web owners by Woopra. (woopra.com)

4.  Clicky

If you only own one website, you can use Clicky for free. Its features include Spy View that allows you to figure out what current visitors are doing on your hotel website. The analytics are real-time and it is also available on a mobile version. If you want to taste more service, try the paid Pro account service. (getclicky.com/)

5.  Mint

It is a self-hosted analytics tool that requires $30 per site payment for the investment. It has more ability than Google Analytics that provides the service for free. By using Mint, you can get real-time data, instead of hourly updated stats like Google Analytics. (haveamint.com/)

6.  Chartbeat

A one month free service awaits you upon signing up. Then you need to pay $99,95 per month to enjoy the benefit of constant watch on the hotel website visitors. It can also find out what the visitors are doing on the website. (chartbeat.com/)

7.  Kissmetrics

It is another tool that lets users to know the activities of the visitors on the website. The Timeline View that shows the movements is easy to comprehend. You decide by yourself, how much you want to pay for the service depends on what you need. However, 30 days trial service is given for free for new members. (kissmetrics.com/)

8.  Mouseflow

Mouseflow is like a combination of two tools, Crazy Egg and UserTesting. You will be able to track the visitors’ movement like how many times they clock the mouse. With only $13 a month you can try this tool. If you want to manage more than one site, you need to pay more. (mouseflow.com/)

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