5 Recommendations for Hoteliers Before Creating Mobile Site

In order to gain more revenue and give more satisfaction to the customers, creating a mobile compatible website is one thing that makes sense right now for Hotel managers. But hotel managers must always consider everything that will potentially come before making a management decision. So, before telling the world that you already prepared a website to launch for smartphone users, check the 5 recommendations below in the first hand:

1. Identify the difference
Those who browse the internet via desktop/laptop tend to be more careful before eventually clicking “book” button because they have the features that allow them to compare one hotel to another as the screen is large and it is more comfortable to switch from one tab to another. The point is smartphone users are inferior in this case. So, make sure you don’t get anything too complicated on the display. Use thumbnails, don’t write too much on “About Us” part.

2. Consider the nature the of smartphone users
Last fall, when electricity in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut was down because of the storm, the number of people who booked hotels via mobile phones raised to 270%. The point is don’t expect too much to get guests who book via mobile phones, but in case something terrible happen, you will harvest the fruit.

3. Apps are important, but not vital
Get what I mean? If you already have a mobile compatible website, so it is unnecessary to create a special app for the people. First, it will cost you more money, time and energy. Second, you have to compete with over 500,000 apps in the US only.

4. Be democratic

Just like internet users and people in general, they want to speak out their opinion. Make sure you allow them to post their opinions and connect the page to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

5. Greet your guests using the mobile site
Don’t just show your hospitality on the conventional web page of your hotels. Be as warm as possible, just put the most required features and don’t add useless buttons on the mobile site.

Hotel Manager

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