Expedia has closed down Venere.com

Expedia has closed down Venere.com, now relies on HomeAway and new technologies

While Booking.com continue to be the first giant for hotel sales in Europe and abroad, Expedia does not give up so easily and starts the new year with important innovations and changes. The american OTA definitely closed the roman website Venere.com and focused to improve through technological ways and through a new and amazing advertisement campaign.

In 2008, Expedia purchased Venere.com to oppose the strong growth of Booking.com; now it seems that this mission has failed so the Italy-based portal has been directed to Hotels.com. Anyway Expedia left an operating Venere b2b in Italy only for travel agents, providing commission on hotel reservations.

During the last Expedia Partner Conference, the CEO Dara Khosrowshani, regarding the Expedia’s new investments, told that they will be focused on the new technology, like AI (Artificial Intelligence), mobile and other efficient technological solutions.
They have been already working on the vocal identification as in the next five years will be the most important innovation with a power without precedents. The goal should be to permit a sort of dialog between the person and the mobile phone.

In addition, Expedia is working on Nautilus, a search engine that could answer to the users’ researches in a natural language way. Now Expedia is working also hard to beat Airbnb, improving its Apartments HomeAway, purchased in 2015, starting with an advertising campaign signed by the prestigious Saatchi & Saatchi with a familiar scene and the slogan: Get HomeAway® from it All.

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