Ways to Generate Guests’ Satisfaction Through Social Networks

According to the Fishburn Hedges’ latest survey, there was a raise in the number of UK customers who make contact with companies through social networks.

From August 2011 to April 2012, there was a raise 17%. It proves the opinion saying that social media plays a significant roles in transactions, at least in UK itself.

The report issued by the 2012 American Express Global Customer Service Barometer also supports the above idea. According to the organization, people who spend times using social media for services are willing to share their good experiences with other people that significant in number. They also opt to spend more time communicating with companies that leave positive experiences in terms of the service given.

It is of course good news for global hotel industry. Hoteliers should have a great vision in seeing this modern phenomenon. The chances are higher for hoteliers to trawl more customers by utilizing social media.

Promising a satisfaction to the customers without solemnity to reenact the promise will lead to a degradation of every business. Here are 6 ways to give a real satisfaction to the guest by taking advantage of social media according to Daniel Edward Craig, a former hotel manager who now regularly writes about hotel industry:

1 Identify the objectives

There must be a particular reason for anything in this life. Before you start involving yourself in the business, identify the objectives at the very first time. One cannot suitably act to embrace the result of something he/she is currently working on without setting its objectives. In this case, your objectives must be to serve clients, guests and prospects, to manage reputation and to build awareness.

2 Willing to help

You have to make sure that all the information about business displayed on your pages is clear yet simple. Share the information online, on website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. By doing this you just increased the opportunity of getting some prospects that will use the service of your business. But when you find there are some people who still ask any information via phone even though you have displayed it online, do not get furious in responding to the call. Just answer the question and slowly direct him/her to the online pages of your business.

3 Be a good listener

Many people often talk too much, but are hard to listen. Hopefully, you do not belong to that kind of group of people. As a hotelier, you must understand one key to open the door of guests’ satisfaction: willingness to listen. Customers are kings. Listen to any word they say or write to you. Give response only when you are required to give. Otherwise, just be a good listener. But kings are not always right so be wise when dealing with their orders.

4 Be involved

It is true that bad reviews damage a reputation of a business. But what if the reviews are right? Do not act as a dictator when you run a business. Give feedbacks no matter what kind of reviews or enquiries that you get. The point is you have to show to the people that yes, there is a human who operates the social media, not a rock or a robot.

5 Grab it fast

Do not spend too much time to think about whether or not you will reply to one comment. The common allocated time for customers to wait for a feedback is usually 24 hours. So, do not oversleep when you are on duty.

6 Back up

Staff is like one or two or three level under the chairs where you sit right now, but it does not mean you can assign them to do anything you want. When it comes to a business, the bridge to the success is cooperation. Employers and employees should act as one person who supports one another to convey satisfaction to the customers.

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