The Best Casual-dining Restaurant in the U.S.

Recently, the Market Force Information held a survey that dubbed the Cheesecake Factory as the most favorable casual dining restaurants in the United States.

The restaurant chain grabbed the title for two times as previously back in 2010, the top position was also occupied by the company.

The restaurant has a wide selection of options for the customers including more than fifty dessert selections and over two hundred menu. The company also scored the best vote share with 7.3 percent of earning.

Texas Roadhouse came in at number 2 position with 3.2 percent of votes, while the third place was occupied by the Olive Garden that scored 2.8 percent of votes.

The survey was conducted during August, participated by over 4,500 independent consumers that acted as mystery shoppers. They voted for the best restaurant based on their experience. The options include 51 casual dining restaurants across the country.

Cheryl Flink, the Senior Vice President of Customer Knowledge of Market Force, said that the vote given by the respondents particularly depended on the existence of the restaurants in their neighborhood.

“If they haven’t been, they can’t make a decision on how much they like that chain,”

he said.

According to Flink, the respondents valued the quality of the restaurants by considering the food quality, service pace, food taste, staff’s service, level of cleanness, atmosphere and ambiance, kids friendliness, health quality, green practices and overall value.

Bob Sandelman, a consultant of food and restaurant industry, said most of diners are concerned about the quality and taste of the food.

“It is important to the diners,”

he said. The quality of service came after the food quality. Flink explained that people tend to be tolerant about the service velocity if the food is very delicious.

“If they’ve waited 10 minutes more than they think they should have, and the food is bad, you’ve got a double whammy: bad food, bad service – no one’s happy,”

he said.

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